Device Unresponsive, Hanging, or Frozen (Smart Typewriter)

If your device is unresponsive out of the box, the battery is most likely the culprit. Though extremely rare, we have had a few unit's battery die in transit. If your battery has died, the device will be unresponsive and the the below image will remain on the screen. 
If your device displays these characteristics, do not panic! Simply follow these instructions to charge the device:
  1. Charge your new device by plugging the included USB Type A to C cable into a USB Adapter. All USB Adapters will work(outputting 5V & 1-2A). 
  2. Allow your device to charge overnight. When the battery is completely dead, it may take longer than usual for the device to recover to a functional battery level. This is normal. 
  3. Hold the red power button for 15 seconds to perform a reboot. Your device should restart.
If your device becomes frozen during normal use, the first thing to do is wait and see if it starts responding again.
If your device remains frozen, hold the power button down for 15 seconds to perform a reset. 
If your device does not respond to the reset, it could be critically low on battery. Please plug your device into a charger rated at 1000mAh or more using the included USB cable and let charge overnight. Try turning on and resetting the Traveler again by holding down the power button for 15 seconds. 

If you are able to get your device running again, you should immediately connect to Wi-Fi and make sure your device is running the latest version of firmware. Find the procedure for that here.

If your device does not restart or remains unresponsive, please contact our support team at