Freewrite + Traveler Keyboard Layouts

This article outlines the keyboard mappings for all the layouts (Languages & Configurations) that are available. For information on how to change the keyboard layout of your device, check out  How to change languages on your Freewrite

More languages on are on their way. 

If you would like to request for a language or keyboard layout to be added to the Freewrite, please write us at

English - ANSI (EN)

English - ISO (EN)

Arabic - العربية (ARA)

Bulgarian - български(BG)

Chinese IMEColemak - ANSI (EN_COLEMAK)

Colemak – ISO (EN_COLEMAK)

Czech - Čeština  (CS)

Danish - Dansk (DA)

Dutch - Nederlands (NL)


Dvorak - ISO (EN_DVORAK)

English International - ANSI (EN_INTL)

English International - ISO (EN_INTL)

French - Français (FR)

French BEPO- Français BEPO (FR_BEPO)

French Belgian - Belge Français (FR_BR)

French Canadian - Canadien Français (FR_CA)

French Swiss - Suisse Français  (FR_CH)

German - Deutsch (DE)

German Neo – Deutsch Neo (DE_NEO)

Greek - Ελληνικά (EL)

Hebrew -עִברִית  (HB)

Hungarian-Magyar (HU)

Italian - Italiano (IT)

Japanese IME (JP)

Korean - 한국어(KO)

Latvian - Latvijas (LT)

Norwegian - Norsk (NO)

Polish - Polskie (PL)

Portuguese - Português (PT)

Russian - Русский (RU)

Slovenian- Slovenski (SI)

Spanish - Español (ES)

Swedish - Svensk (SV)

Swedish Dvorak- Svensk Dvorak (SV_Dvorak)

Turkish –Türk (TK)

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