Installing a Keycap Set (Smart Typewriter)

The keycaps of the Freewrite Smart Typewriter are easily removed from the keyboard using a keycap removal tool. There are various types of removal tools, but we like the wire style. Without using a purpose-built tool, it is likely you will break or damage your keyboard.

If you buy a keycap set from us, you will receive a keycap removal tool in the package. 

Please note that the language keycap sets we sell were designed for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Smart Typewriters with ISO layout. These sets will also work for Gen 3 Smart Typewriters, but due to the updated spacebar and added Alt Gr key, there will be a few extra keycaps. These sets are not compatible with Freewrite Traveler.

The tool is very easily used by pushing the wires around the keycap until they spring underneath it. Then you can pull the keycap up by the handle of the tool. The keycaps are simply held to the keyswitches using friction, so sometimes the keycaps can be held on quite tightly. The removal tool provides an even force that minimizes risk of damaging the keyswitch underneath.

Removing a regular key is easy:

Removing a key

DO NOT use a knife or other object to pry the keycap off.

Remove the space bar by pulling gently on both sides using the removal tool:

Carefully remove the space bar by using the tool on both sides

A good method when replacing keycaps is to pull off one keycap at a time and replace it with the new keycap. This way you can make sure that all the letters are going in the right place! 

Another method is to take a photo of your keyboard, and then remove all of the keycaps at the same time. Once you have a bare keyboard, you can then start replacing the keycaps with the new set. 

After removing the keycaps, you may find that your keyboard needs a good cleaning. The best thing to use to clean it is an air duster, not a vacuum. Vacuums can cause a buildup of static electricity that can potentially fry sensitive electronics like the Freewrite. So be careful!

Replacing keycaps is also easy. Simply align the new keycap with the keyswitch and press down with your finger to seat it.

Note: Each row of keycaps has a unique profile — i.e. a keycap from row 1 does not look like a keycap from row 2. 

Refer to the keyboard diagrams here to make sure that you have replaced the keycaps in the correct location: Freewrite Keyboard Layouts.

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