Freewrite screen frontlight

The Freewrite's screen is equipped with a frontlight that enhances the viewing experience. It is designed to be left turned on as it uses very little energy and works in all lighting environments. Unlike a traditional LCD that easily washes out, bright ambient light improves the viewing characteristics of an E Ink screen. In these situations, the frontlight blends perfectly into the environment. In normal lighting, the frontlight will softly brighten the screen. In dark settings, the frontlight provides enough light to write without any other external lights. The frontlight is different than a backlight(which is on every LCD screen) and easier on the eyes because it sits in front of the screen instead of behind it.
For most users, there is no need to adjust the frontlight. However, you can toggle the light on and off by pressing[special] +[L] if necessary. 
Note, this feature is only available on the Freewrite, not the Traveler.

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