Print from Device (Smart Typewriter)

To provide writers with a consistent and pain-free experience, your Freewrite device does not provide a native method to send a draft directly to a printer. There are simply too many variables and inconsistencies involved in linking a device directly to the variety of printers out in the wild. 

With that said, there are multiple quick and easy ways you can get your document to a printer without the hassle of connecting a new device.

Option 1: Send Key

We provide a dedicated [send] key on the keyboard for easy transfer for printing. Use the [send] key to get a pdf of a draft into your email inbox. Then, use a computer or mobile device to open the attachment and print via the printers already connected to the computer or mobile device.

Option 2: Postbox or Third-Party Cloud Service

Sync your drafts to Postbox, or your preferred third-party cloud service, then also select and download the files you want to print to a computer. Print directly from there. 

Option 3: Via USB

If you are using your device offline, simply export files to your computer manually by plugging in your device using the cable we provide, and print the exported documents directly from your computer. 

Option 4: Freewrite Plus

Our optional subscription, Freewrite Plus, enables you to email drafts to email addresses that are not associated with your Postbox account. This means that you newer model cloud printers that have a dedicated email address can work seamlessly with Freewrite Plus. Simply email a draft from your device to the printer's email address, and voila!