Printing from the Freewrite

Printing is notoriously clumsy and painful. Even in our modern times, nobody has successfully tackled the problem of providing a seamless printing experience (the scene from  Office Space printer scene comes to mind). Newer printers have Wi-Fi built-in and can sometimes print from the cloud but there is no universal standard. Throw millions of legacy printers into the mix and it is a real challenge for us to provide a good printing experience for everyone. This is why the Freewrite does not provide a native method to send a draft directly to a printer.

However, there are some methods to getting a document to a printer. There is a dedicated [send] key on the keyboard for precisely this reason.

Use the [send] key to get a pdf of a draft into your email inbox. Then use your computer or mobile to open the attachment and print via the printers already connected to your computer or mobile via the cloud. The general operating systems (Windows and OSX) have decades of work behind their printer support which is something that we can't provide. Everyone is far better off to let them take care of supporting the thousands of printer versions out there and do the actual printing.

In the future, we will be giving the 'send' action more flexibility. For example, you could change the email address connected to the [send] key to a printer-specific email address. Some printers are able to be configured with an email address such that anything sent to that email address is automatically printed. 

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