Installing a Keyboard Dampening Kit (Smart Typewriter)

This article will help you install a keyboard dampening kit on your Freewrite. There is some assembly required, but we can make quick work of it if you follow along.

Use a keycap removal tool to remove the keycaps on your keyboard. Without using a purpose-built tool, it is likely you will break or damage your keyboard.

Please note that the language keycap sets we sell were designed for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Smart Typewriters with ISO layout. These sets will also work for Gen 3 Smart Typewriters, but due to the updated spacebar and added Alt Gr key, there will be a few extra keycaps. These sets are not compatible with Freewrite Traveler.

1. Remove Keycaps

Take a photo of your keyboard before beginning, so that you can easily re-install your keycaps afterward.

We highly recommend using a keycap removal tool for this operation. We recommend using a wire keycap removal tool as it does not mark the keys.

Take the wires of the keycap removal tool and slide them down underneath the keycap. Slightly twist the keycap removal tool to slide the wires under opposing corners of the keycap. Hold down the keyboard with your other hand and pull up on the keycap remvoal tool. The keycap will pop off the keyboard. 

2. Install O-Ring on Keycap

Install a dampening o-ring onto each stem on the keycap. The average keycaps (those with letters) only have 1 stem. Larger keycaps have multiple stems. You will want to install an o-ring on each stem. To install the o-ring, pinch the o-ring onto the keycap stem. You do not need to slide the o-ring down the stem, it only needs to be lightly pressed.

3. Re-install keycap

Reinstall keycaps by lining up the cross socket on the stem of the keycap with the MX Cherry Brown switch's cross stem. Press down firmly on the keycap to set the o-ring dampener and the keycap on the switch.

Refer to the keyboard diagrams here to make sure that you have replaced the keycaps in the correct location: Freewrite Keyboard Layouts.

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