Using Markdown syntax on your Freewrite

Markdown is a light-weight tool for writing documents in an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain-text format that can later compose more structured documents like DOCX or PDF with rich formatting (headings, bulleted lists, etc).

Postbox will format documents according to the Markdown specification here:

In addition, we support a few transformations beyond the original Markdown specification:

  • Cuddled lists. Ordinarily, Markdown requires a blank line between a preceding paragraph and a bulleted list. Postbox will handle so-called "cuddled lists" where the bulleted list item immediately follows the paragraph.
I am a paragraph!
* I am too close, but it's ok!
* Postbox will format me properly as a list.<br>
  • Footnotes. You can create footnotes anywhere in your plain-text document. When parsed by Markdown, your footnotes will appear at the bottom of your document.
President Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to refer to the executive mansion as the White House. [^4]

[^4]: To do!

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