How to Access Other Documents in a Folder (Smart Typewriter)

The folders are designed to provide a very simple logical grouping of drafts that is easy to access. For example, you could write your blog drafts in folder A, your morning pages in folder B, and your notes in C. It is up to you to decide how you use the folders. 
To quickly switch between active documents in different folders, simply move the switch labeled "folder" to the corresponding folders A, B, or C. 
To access past drafts in a folder, hold [new] and press [pg dn] to quickly scroll through previous drafts saved in the folder. Press [pg up] to return to more recent drafts. The documents are organized by date accessed, with the most recently accessed drafts on top. 

To manage or move documents in a folder, hold folder button A, B, or C for two seconds. The document manager screen will appear.