Keyboard Shortcuts (Alpha)

Alpha was designed to have all of its controls as accessible as possible. The following list contains all the key combinations and descriptions of available Alpha controls grouped by task. 


[new] + [new]
Start a new draft. Press both new keys at the same time and release to start a new draft.

[new] + [backspace]

Delete word. Hold [new] and press [backspace] to delete the previous word.

[new] +
Jump words with cursor. Hold a [new] key and use the WASD keys to move the cursor one word at a time left and right or one paragraph up and down within a draft.

[new] + [shift] +
Move cursor one character. Hold a [new] key, [shift], and use the WASD keys to move the cursor a single character left or right or one line up or down within a draft. 


[new] + [pg dn]

Access past drafts. Hold [new] and press [pg dn] to quickly access previous drafts. Press [pg dn] again while holding [new] to access older drafts and [pg up] to return to more recent drafts.

Access draft menu. Press [special] to access the draft menu and access functions including archive and shred.


[space] (hold for 3 seconds)
Show the heads-up display. Hold down the space bar to show additional information such as the remaining battery, last sync time, and word count.

[power] (hold for 3 seconds)

Access the main menu. Hold the power button for 3 seconds to access the main menu, where you can connect to Wi-Fi, adjust the font size, or log out.


(off), (on), and (new) Wifi Buttons
Manage Wi-Fi connection. Use the Wi-Fi buttons to quickly change Traveler’s Wi-Fi connection.
  • (off) – Turn off Wi-Fi radio. NOTE: Freewrite Traveler always save drafts to internal flash storage and will back up to the cloud next time it connects to Wi-Fi.
  • (on) – Allow connection to Wi-Fi networks and seamless backups to Postbox and the cloud.
  • (new) – Scan and connect to new networks.

Send draft to email. Press the [send] key to send the current draft to the email address associated with your Postbox account.


Power Button

Wake and sleep Alpha. Press the Power Button to wake up Alpha. Press it again to put it to sleep.

Power Button (hold 12 seconds)

Force restart. Hold the Power Button for 12 seconds and then release it to force Alpha to restart (There is an LED indicator beside the USB plug that flashes rapidly while you hold the power button. The indicator will stop flashing after 12 seconds and you can then release the power button.)