A Key Is Not Working (Alpha)

If you experience a single or multiple keys on your Alpha not working properly, the first thing to do is to inspect your keyboard and check for any visible defects, such as a stuck or crooked key, or a key protruding from the keyboard. 

If visible defects ARE present:

  1. Most crooked or slightly protruding keys are simply a case of the key not sitting correctly on the keyboard. This is generally an easy fix: Simply remove the key carefully, clear any obstacles you may see beneath, and put the key back on.
  2. Pressing firmly on the key and allowing it to snap back into place is often all the key needs to reseat correctly!

If visible defects ARE NOT present:

  1. To rule out any software issues, please reboot your device by holding the power button for 12 seconds and then releasing it. (There is an LED indicator beside the USB plug that flashes rapidly while you hold the power button. The indicator will stop flashing after 12 seconds and you can then release the power button.)
  2. If Alpha is still not working properly after it reboots, please write in to us at hello@getfreewrite.com. Include a picture or video of the problem and a short description, so that we can discuss further.