Screenplay Writing on Your Device (Alpha)

Freewrite devices support using Fountain syntax (in a plain-text document on your device) to draft screenplays. Documents will be rendered in screenplay formatting when published as a PDF and can also be exported to cloud storages (e.g. Google Drive) as an FDX Final Draft screenplay file.

An overview of Fountain syntax is available here.

Before documents from Alpha will sync correctly as screenplay files to third-party cloud services, you need to make sure a folder in Postbox is associated with a recipe on the Advanced settings page and that it is the same folder that Alpha is syncing to. (It's simpler than it sounds!)

See below for instructions.

Select Folder For Alpha & Set Up Recipe

  1. Log into your Postbox account on your computer. Select your name in the upper right-hand side and then "Device Settings."
  2. Scroll down to Alpha and select a folder for Alpha to sync to, or note which folder it is already syncing to. (For example, you can choose "Folder A," which will likely be the default you see.)
  3. Select "Cloud Services" from the menu on the right.
  4. Click "Advanced" to open the drop-down.
  5. Click the folder that Alpha is syncing to. (In our example, that's A.)
  6. You will see the below options. Select which third-party platform you'd like this folder to sync to and then select "FDX (Fountain syntax)" from the drop-down.

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