Keyboard shortcuts

The Freewrite was designed from the beginning to have all of its controls as accessible as possible. It will be hard to believe after reading the following list but the Freewrite was originally designed to have no hotkeys! We lost that battle, however, we try to keep them to an absolute minimum. We didn't want to hide functionality nor did we want people to feel like they needed to remember a large list of commands. 

List of Key Combinations

[new] + [new] - press both red [new] keys to create a new document within the current folder.

[new] + [z] - undo.

[new] + [y] - redo.

[new] + [backspace] - delete previous word.

Hold [new] + press [shift] - cycle through available keyboard mappings (i.e. languages). By default, every Freewrite is loaded with an English keyboard. To install more languages and make them available on your Freewrite, go to and add new languages or keyboard mappings.

Hold [new] + press [pg up] or [pg dn] - cycle through most recent documents within folder. Must press [pg dn] twice initially to go to the most recent document.

[special] + [l] - toggle frontlight on and off.

[shift]+ [special] = cycles status bars in reverse order.

Space Bar = displays battery level, last time document was syncing, and keyboard layout (if using non-english layout).

Power button (short press) - wake or sleep your Freewrite.

Power button (5-second press) - log in or log out of your Freewrite.

Power button (12-second long press) - hard reboot. This will force the Freewrite to reboot, no data or configuration is deleted or reset.

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