Quick Start Guide (Alpha)

This article will walk you through the unboxing of your Alpha and will cover creating your first draft, connecting to Wi-Fi, and creating a Postbox account.

Download the PDF version of the Alpha User Manual.

1. Turn on Alpha.

Turn on Alpha by pressing the power button on the top left of the device.

2. Start your first draft.

Alpha will boot directly into the below starting sequence. Follow the onscreen prompts to begin writing immediately. Pressing [new] and [new] will create your first draft.

You can set up your Wi-Fi connection and cloud syncing now by continuing to Step 3 below. However, if you'd prefer to begin writing immediately, you can set up Wi-Fi at a later time, and all work will be saved internally to Alpha until then.

3. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to your network.

To have your work sync to the cloud, you will need to connect Alpha to Wi-Fi and then set up your Postbox account. (Postbox is Freewrite's complimentary web app that helps you manage your documents and device settings.)

Wi-Fi settings are located in the main menu. Access the main menu by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds. When the menu appears, press "1" to access Wi-Fi settings.

Press 1 again to turn Wi-Fi on. Your device will search for available networks. Select the number beside the network you wish to connect to. Use [pg dn] or [pg up] to see more networks. If connecting to a secure network, you will be prompted to enter a password.

4. Connect Alpha to Postbox for the first time.

Once you’re successfully connected to Wi-Fi, you will be prompted to enter an email address.

If you are a new user: Enter the email you would like to be associated with your Postbox account. It will be the email you use to log in. In order to confirm your email, you will be prompted to repeat your email address. The device will then automatically connect to your new Postbox account, and a link to complete Postbox setup will be sent to your email address.

If you already have a Postbox account from a previous device: Simply sign in now. All your drafts from both devices will sync to the same Postbox account.

5. Log in to Postbox with your unique link.

If you're new to Postbox, check your email inbox for an email from   postbox@getfreewrite.com. (If you can't find it, make sure to check your spam folder.)

Click the setup link in that email. You will be guided through a few more steps to finish the Postbox setup process. Make sure to click "Done" on the last page.

6. Write on.

Now you're ready to write! Your drafts on Alpha will automatically sync to Postbox.

You can visit Postbox any time to manage your drafts or adjust the settings on your device.

For information on syncing to third-party cloud services and other functionalities, check out our expansive Knowledge Base.


Reach out to our support team at hello@getfreewrite.com with any questions or obstacles you encounter. We can't wait to see how Alpha pushes your creative process forward!