How to Clean Your Device (Smart Typewriter)

To remove cosmetic blemishes like fingerprints and dust on the surface of your Smart Typewriter, we recommend a gentle wipe down with a microfiber cloth.

DO NOT wipe your device down with disinfectant wipes, as these often contain harsh chemicals that can damage or wear down your device in the long run.

For a more thorough clean, power your Freewrite off and wipe with a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with electronic cleaner fluid. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to wipe and clean loose debris from between the keys of your Freewrite. 
To remove any debris firmly lodged between the keys of your Freewrite, a can of compressed air will generally do the trick. 

Please DO NOT attempt to take apart your Freewrite at home. Tampering with your Freewrite voids your warranty, and Freewrite will not be responsible for additional repairs.

If anything becomes seriously stuck or lodged in the device, please write to for further instructions.