Sync vs Move (Traveler)

This article will explain the difference between syncing and moving documents on your device.


If your device is connected to Wi-Fi, documents created and modified on the device will sync automatically to Postbox. (Postbox will automatically sync to any third-party cloud services you have configured, like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote.)

Syncing is one way. Changes made on a device sync up into the cloud, but changes made in the cloud (for example, in Google Drive) do not currently sync down to your device.


On the other hand, moving is a folder-to-folder transfer. Documents can be moved from one folder to another, either on the same device or from a folder in one device to a folder on a different device in the same Postbox account.

When moving a document from a folder on one device to a folder on another device, its important to make sure both devices are connected to Wi-Fi so you can verify the move is actually complete, and that you are moving the most current version of the document.

You may see a message that says, "Once you've moved a document you can't move it back." This is simply explaining that the document is actually being physically removed from its current folder into a new one, so the current folder the document is in will NOT have the document after the move.

If you make changes to a document on one device, and want to continue working on it on a different device, you will need to go through the Move process again.

Note: You cannot work on the same document on multiple devices at the same time.