A Key Is Not Working (Smart Typewriter)

While we carefully monitor the quality of Smart Typewriters, we have experienced rare cases of keyboards not working properly out of the box. This can include a single or multiple keys typing multiple letters at once, typing random strings of letters, or simply not working. 

If you have experienced a single or multiple keys not working properly, the first thing to do is to inspect your keyboard and check for any visible defects, such as a stuck or crooked key, or a key protruding from the keyboard. 

If visible defects ARE present:

  • Try removing the key, clearing any obstacles, and installing the key.  
  • Pressing firmly on the key and allowing it to snap back in to place may be all that the key needs.

If visible defects ARE NOT present:

  • Please reboot your device by holding the power button for 12 seconds. This will rule out any software issues.
  • If your Smart Typewriter is still not working properly after the reboot, please write in to hello@getfreewrite.com with a picture/video of the problem and a short description, so we can discuss further options.