Traveler - Device Not Charging

This article will run you through what to do if your Freewrite device is not charging. 

In this article, you will be instructed on how to:
1. Check your device is charging
2. Check your cable
3. Check for visible damage
4. Back up & Restart your Device
Before running through this list, please note that when the Freewrite or Traveler battery is completely dead, it may take longer than usual to charge back up to a usable level. If your device is unresponsive, critically low on battery, or displaying an Astrohaus logo screen, please try plugging your device in with the original charging cable that came in the box for 24 hours before attempting the following. 
Check if your device is receiving charge
When the charger is properly connected, the status screen should update to show two lightning bolts on the sides of the status screen. The lightening bolts will only display if the device is turned on & you have default(email) status screen displayed as below. If your device screen reads "Critically Low Battery" or no lightning bolt icons are present, please continue…
Check your Cable
The first thing to do when your device is not charging is to make sure that you are using the original charging cable that came with your device. 
The Freewrite devices come with an internal Lithium Polymer battery that is designed to be charged using the included USB Type-C charging cable. While the original cable will work with most USB spec devices including a computer, USB hub, or USB wall adapters, many higher power USB Type C charging cables used by the Macbook, Chromebooks, or Google Pixel will not charge the device. 
If you are using the original cable but your device is still not charging after being plugged in for a few hours, please try plugging the cable into a few alternative power sources and seeing if your device takes a charge. Additionally, test if the cable itself is working by plugging it into a few alternative devices and seeing if the other devices hold a charge. 
If your cable doesn’t work with any other devices, the problem is most likely a damaged cable. 
If your cable does work with other devices but does not charge your Freewrite with any power source, please continue… 
Check for Visible Damage
Check the USB port on your device for any noticeable damage. If you notice any visible damage in or around your USB port, please write into for further instruction. DO NOT attempt to clean or fix the inside of the USB port yourself-- tampering with your device automatically voids any warranty, and you will be charged for any additional damage done to your device.
If there is no visible damage in or around your USB port, please continue…
Back up and Restart your Device
Make sure your documents are properly synced to Postbox or have been exported and saved.  
With your Freewrite still plugged in, restart your device by holding down the power button for 15 seconds. 
If your device is still not charging after 24 hours plugged in using the original cable, please contact
My device won't connect to my Wi-Fi network.
  1. Check to make sure your password is entered correctly.
  2. Make sure your device is within range of your network. If the network is far away, it may be found by the device but will not sustain a stable connection.
  3. Check authentication protocol. Freewrite devices do NOT support WEP because it is an outdated and insecure standard. If you are on a WEP network, we suggest upgrading to WPA2 for a more secure network.