How to Transfer Ownership of a Device (Traveler)

Giving your Traveler as a gift? Purchased one from someone else? It’s easy to transfer ownership of your Traveler by following the simple steps below.

Note: This is ONLY relevant if someone has already opened the box and logged in to the device. If the device has never been used, there is nothing you need to do but give the device to its new owner!

Log out of your device by holding the power button for 3 seconds. The prompt will ask you if you would like to log out. Press [return] to confirm. Once logged out, the writing canvas should be cleared and your email should be removed from the main status screen. 
The device is ready to be given to the new owner! If you want to be extra nice, give it a full charge. 
You can begin writing the moment you receive your device, or you can set up your account first. You will follow the same exact procedure that the original owner went through to set up your account: 
1. Connect to a WiFi network by going to the 'new' position using the Wifi switch. Put in the network password to connect.
2. Once it connects, insert your email at the prompt. Repeat the email address at the prompt.
3. Receive a temporary password in your email.
4. Log in to Postbox ( from your computer and setup your account. 
That’s it! Find a comfortable spot with your new writing buddy and begin drafting your next masterpiece.