Traveler - How To Delete Documents

The Traveler offers two different options when removing a draft from your device and Postbox timeline: 
Shred: Shredding a draft will permanently delete that draft from Postbox and your device. This document will not be recoverable by your or the Astrohaus team. Because this is irreversible, you are required to type the letters S-H-R-E-D into a prompt in order to complete the action.
Archive: Archiving a draft removes it from the device and out of your timeline on Postbox. It will be stored in your Archive Folder, which is accessible via the folder drop down menu on your drafts timeline.
The shred and archive functions can be performed in your Traveler’s document manager. To access the document manager, hold any folder button for 2 seconds then press[special] when prompted. ‘Archive’ or ‘Shred’ a document with the [A] and [S] keys.

The functions can also be performed on Postbox by clicking the corresponding button on the title bar(hover next to the assigned folder to see the buttons).