A Key Is Not Working (Traveler)

While we carefully monitor the quality of Travelers, we have experienced rare cases of Traveler keyboards not working properly out of the box. This can include a single or multiple keys typing multiple letters at once, typing random strings of letters, or simply not working. 

If you have experienced a single or multiple keys not working properly, the first thing to do is to inspect your keyboard and check for any visible defects, such as a stuck or crooked key, or a key protruding from the keyboard. 

If visible defects ARE present:

  • Most crooked or slightly protruding keys are simply a case of the key not sitting right on the keyboard. This is generally an easy fix: Simply remove the key carefully and put the key back on the right way by following the instructions in this video: Removing and Replacing Traveler Key. Please take care to use the proper tools and follow the directions carefully to avoid damaging your device. If the defective key is the [shift] key, separate instructions are provided here: Removing and Replacing Traveler Shift Key.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The keys on the Traveler are all connected by the board underneath. If a key is removed and not replaced properly, it could damage the board. Please proceed with caution.
  • Certain pieces can be replaced. Please reach out to us at hello@getfreewrite.com, and we can send a replacement scissor switch piece.

If visible defects ARE NOT present:

  • Please reboot your device by holding the power button for 12 seconds. This will rule out any software issues. If your Traveler is still not working properly after the reboot, please write in to us at hello@getfreewrite.com. Include a picture or video of the problem and a short description, so that we can discuss further options.