How to Use Document Manager (Traveler)

Traveler’s Document Manager makes it easy to view and access all your drafts in one place. 

You can access the document manager by holding down folder button (A), (B), or (C) for 2 seconds. Once in the document manager, press [special] to access the functions screen. From the functions screen, you will be able to select documents to: 
Bookmark. The bookmark function is designed to help you find and refer to drafts quickly. Once a draft is bookmarked, you will be able to navigate to that document instantly by pressing [new] + [pg up] or [pg down] while drafting. 
Archive. Archiving a draft removes it from your device and Postbox timeline. It will be stored in your Archive folder, which is accessible via the folder drop-down menu on your drafts timeline in Postbox.
Shred. Shredding a draft will permanently delete that draft from Postbox and your device. This document will not be recoverable by you or the Astrohaus team. Because this is irreversible, you are required to type the letters S-H-R-E-D into a prompt in order to complete the action.
Move. Move a draft from its current location to any other folder on your device. 
See the document manager function in action and learn more about how to navigate documents on your Traveler here: