Introduction to Sprinter, a distraction-free writing app in your browser

Sprinter (try it now!) is a distraction-free writing application that is accessed on any modern desktop browser. It's great because you can quickly get to writing by simply opening a new tab in your browser and going to Note, right now Sprinter is optimized for desktop or tablet use, not mobile.

Why Sprinter?

The Freewrite is an amazing tool that has provided writers immediate boosts in writing productivity. It makes writers more productive AND is more joyful than using a laptop. However, it does require an investment and typically customers that are buying it are already familiar with the benefits of going distraction-free. We built Sprinter to provide people that are new to the distraction-free writing philosophy a way to try it out with no barriers to entry. There is simply zero reason not to try Sprinter! You don't even need to make an account until after you try the writing experience.

Of course, a browser-based application can't be truly distraction-free but we did everything we could to get as close as possible! We also added writing goals directly into Sprinter as a way to help writers quickly get started, despite being on a distraction-full computer.

The best part? Sprinter is built on the same infrastructure which means that all documents are saved in Postbox and can be synced to Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive just like documents written on the Freewrite. 

If you already own a Freewrite, great! Now you can write with the same workflow in those situations when you don't have your Freewrite with you. Sprinter is available anywhere you have a browser. It even works offline! 

Hopefully, that gives you a sense of why we built Sprinter and how it can help you do writing sprints on your computer.

Try Sprinter here: Link

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