Can I edit on the Freewrite? Where are the arrow keys?

Virtually all writers recognize that two of the hardest parts of writing is to get focused and then stay focused. The Freewrite was designed to be the ultimate drafting machine with the best hardware and also a very carefully designed software experience with these problems in mind. Every single element of the product, hardware and software, is designed to remove as much friction from the writing process as possible in order to keep you focused and thus encourage flow. If flow is our goal, friction is the enemy. 
Friction in the writing process can take many forms, but one of the biggest problems is ourselves. We are our own worst enemies by constantly second guessing every word and sentence. To maximize writing productivity and minimize writer's block, that type of scrutiny should come after, not during the drafting process. As it comes, the Freewrite's editing functionality is limited to the[backspace] key only. You can review what was written before using the [pg up] and [pg dn] keys but there is no way to move the cursor into the document or copy/paste. 
No, the Freewrite is not trying to punish you. Quite the opposite! It removes subconscious barriers and lets you write with maximum productivity. We have heard from many writers that they have seen their hourly word count double using a Freewrite!
This method is not something the Astrohaus team came up with or for which we can take credit. In many MFA programs and writing courses, writers are taught to separate the writing process into two parts, drafting and editing. The Freewrite is a tool designed for the millions of writers who find this style of free-form drafting critical to their workflow. We also hope it will help others looking to achieve flow state when writing and maximize their writing potential.