Getting started on your Freewrite

This article will walk you through the first unboxing of your Freewrite. It will cover creating your first draft, connecting to Wi-Fi, creating a Postbox account, and updating your Postbox password.

YOU RECEIVED YOUR FREEWRITE!!!! Now let's get this sweet writing machine up and going. Follow these instructions and you will be all ready to start the next great novel, poem, or journal! After this help article check out others that can help teach you about the device and its other great features! 

This article will walk through unboxing your article which includes:

  1. Turn on your Freewrite
  2. Start your first draft
  3. Connect your Freewrite to Postbox for the first time
  4. Log into Postbox & change Postbox password

Check here for full step-by-step instructions!

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